Yourchestra songs sounds like this…


Spacebar – An original Yourchestra song, written by Richard Bogen and Aaron Mortemore.  It appeared on Yourchestra’s full length album; “Sparkel, Sammy!”  and contains some interesting instrumentation:

  • Richard Bogen: banjo, balafon, percussion, synthesizer, voice
  • Michael Plunkett: mandolin, sitar, voice
  • Eric Ramnath: Dobro, voice
  • Ben Dumbauld: Accordian, glockenspiel, voice
  • Yari Bundy: Washtub Bass, voice

Hudson River Steamboat (19th Century American)

“Choo Choo to go ahead, chew chew tobacco”

Crawdad Song – A well known Southern folksong that was originally played at social gatherings called play parties.   In other instances; it has been taught as a children’s song, played in bluegrass bands, jug bands, general folk and what have you…it also sounds exactly like the song “Sweet Thing,” and a number of other songs with different lyrics.

Acres of Clams – We first learned of this song through Ramblin’ Jack Elliot’s stirring rendition.  It is sung to the tune of “Rosin the Bow,” which is an old folk song with European origins.  Many lyrics were set to this popular folk tune, including political campaign songs for Abraham Lincoln, amongst others.  Around 1874, Francis D. Henry wrote the lyrics for “The Old Settler’s Song (Acres of Clams), and it has since become a classic, North-West American folk song.

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