“…your gonna be in for a real treat…they remind me of…a combination of a jug band, an old time band…the Andrews Sisters, people doing their own thing. These guys are very individualistic, and they just do really great music.

Lonn Austin – Arizona Folk Singer


“Despite the vaudevillian circus, the musicianship is strong. One listen should convince you that these cats wield a lot of instruments and can still play their asses off.”

-From review of 2007’s CD release “Sparkel, Sammy!”

Steve Jansen Thursday, Nov 22 2007 Phoenix Newtimes

sparkel sammy


Yourchestra, a local group specializing in multicultural folk songs and musical improvisation, opened the evening’s events. The four-piece band was characterized by good humor and eccentric facial hair; it included a wide array of instruments such as stand-up bass, kazoos, harmonica, mandolin, and pipe to name a few. They raised the audience’s energy with their harmonized, folksy storytelling, which included a Woody Guthrie cover, a Hindustani ballad and an ode to the benefits of the Heimlich Maneuver. Everyone in the room seemed to be smiling by the time Yourchestra had finished its set.

-From concert review FEBRUARY 15, 2013


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